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  1. Grand Prix. The main national architecture award.

    Grand Prix is given to the best work chosen from all the winning entries in other categories.
  2. Residential Architecture

    Award for the best residential housing project that has been completed. The category includes all types of residential buildings.  
  3. Socio-Cultural Architecture

    Award for the best completed building project having a cultural, sports, medical, scientific, religious or special purpose.
  4. Commercial Architecture

    Award for the best completed project of commercial architecture. The category includes buildings of all sub-groups of non-residential buildings, except for buildings with a cultural, sports, medical, scientific, religious and special purpose.
  5. Public space

    Award for the best completed project of public open space. The category includes spaces shaped by architectural objects, works of urban planning and landscape architecture. 
  6. Sustainable Innovation in Architecture

    Award for a completed project that has paid exceptional attention to innovative and sustainable aspects of architecture.
  7. Conversion

    Award for the building, area, or infrastructure best adapted to today’s needs. The category includes all completed architectural works of conversion, renovation, reconstruction, including public spaces and territories.
  8. Renovation of a Cultural Heritage Object

    Award for the completed restoration, renovation and adaptation of a cultural heritage object(s) to the needs of today and the future, highlighting its socio-cultural and economic value.
  9. Urban Work

    Award for an urban project paying outstanding attention to the principles of sustainable development. The category includes all urban development and town planning projects that are designed and approved. 
  10. Theory and Promotion of Architecture

    Award for the most significant completed scientific research, artistic study or journalistic work in the field of architecture.